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Ice Cream Machines

Ice Cream Machine

Who doesn’t love soft serve ice cream? Having an ice cream machine in your kitchen can allow you to add it to your dessert choices, or be self serve, and can be a crowd favorite. If soft serve ice cream is popular in your restaurant, it can be costly when it breaks down, losing you profits. When you start seeing signs of a broken ice cream machine, be sure to give us a call!

Common issues with ice cream machines:

  • Freezing problems
  • Non-uniform temperature
  • Excessive cooling making the ice cream harden
  • Broken Thermostats
  • Leaks
  • Hygiene Problems

Frozen Drink Machines

Frozen drink machine

Frozen drinks are a fun, popular drink option, especially during the warmer months. When the weather starts getting warmer, be sure your frozen drink machine is up and running properly so you have a smooth season. Call us to schedule a service maintenance on your machines!

Types of frozen drink machines we repair:

  • Margarita Machines
  • Slush Machines
  • Icee Machines
  • Slurpee Machines
  • Iced Coffee Machines

Common problems:

  • It’s not freezing
  • It won’t turn on
  • The machine is constantly running
  • It’s not turning

Fryers & Steamers

Fryer Image

We know your fryers and steamers are important assets in your kitchen. Having to replace one can be costly. Knowing the signs of a problem and calling us quickly is crucial. The quicker you call for a repair, the less likely you’ll have to completely replace it.

There are 3 common issues to know your fryer needs repaired:

  • The pilot light is malfunctioning
  • The burner is clogged
  • The temperature control is tasking

3 common repairs for your steamers:

  • Clogged water filter
  • Steamer door won’t stay closed
  • Your steamer is leaking water

Ice Machines

Ice Machine

Having an ice machine is a great way to get a lot of ice quickly. Whether you need it for your fountain machines or to put in glasses yourself, having the ability to make a lot at once will save you time. That being said, you want to make sure your ice machine is working properly.

Signs to watch for to know when your ice machine needs repaired:

  • There’s water leaking from your machine
  • Your machine isn’t making as much ice anymore
  • Your ice machine is operating loudly
  • The ice tastes or smells bad

Ovens & More

Image of an oven

Without an oven, cooking in your kitchen might be a little tough! When you start to notice your oven going out, be sure to give us a call so we can get to the root of the problem and get it fixed before it causes more problems. The last thing you want is to not have an oven!

Common oven problems:

  • Oven isn’t heating up
  • Oven isn’t heating up to the right temperature
  • The oven isn’t cooking your food evenly
  • The light doesn’t work
  • The door won’t shut
  • The oven doesn’t self-clean
  • Fallen oven rack

Exhaust Fans


Exhaust fans are important to have in your kitchen because they help dissipate smoke, fumes and smells. It will also improve the air quality in your kitchen and protect against mold and mildew by venting away humidity.

Common Exhaust Fan problems:

  • Dirt buildup
  • Rattling sound
  • Motor issues
  • Total power failure
  • Wiring
  • Moisture buildup
  • Mechanical failure


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