Walk-Ins (Cooler/Freezer)

Walk-in refrigerator

Being in the food industry, knowing when your walk-in needs repaired is crucial. You wouldn’t want it to go out and cause your food to go bad/un-consumable. There are some signs to watch for to know your walk-in isn’t working properly and needing repaired.

Signs your walk-in freezer needs repair:

  • It isn’t getting cold enough
  • Air leaks from your freezer
  • The motor is constantly running
  • Frost and ice is building up
  • Water is leaking

Reach-Ins (Cooler/Freezer)

Reach-In Refrigerator

Your reach-in cooler/freezer needs to be serviced regularly in order to operate properly. Like your walk-in, your reach-in is also an important appliance in your kitchen. You probably use these to keep your prepped food cold and in easy reach to get to when needed. Don’t let the work of prepping your food go to waste by having your reach-ins stop working. Schedule a maintenance check today!

Some regular planned maintenance checks we do include:

  • Electrical Checks
  • Evaporator Checks
  • Condenser Checks
  • Door Hinge
  • Gasket Checks


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